Our Match for Good session helps match educators and students with community partners. The Match for Good session is one hour and fifteen minutes in duration. During that time, community parters, educators and students will have the opportunity to present their projects to one another. Our Match for Good session is composed of two parts: the Pitch Round and Connection Round. Both are detailed below:

Pitch Round

The Pitch Round occurs during the first fifteen minutes of the Match for Good session. During the Pitch Round, the FRED MC (master of ceremonies) will pitch each participant’s (community partner, educator or student) project to the audience. Thereafter, each participating community partner, educator and student will breakout to their reserved and respective tables where audience members can learn more about their projects during the Connection Round.

Connection Round

The Connection Round will be one hour in duration. During this round, each participating community partner, educator and student will review their project with attending audience members. This round can be as formal or relaxed as the participant desires. Please note that attending audience members will be free to float from one participant to another and back again if they wish.

If you would like to participate in the Match for Good Session here’s how:

STEP 1: Submit Your Pitch Proposal Form

STEP 2: Register to Attend #FRED19

STEP 3: Submit Your Community Connections Form

STEP 4: Prepare for #FRED19

  • We will send you a copy of your Pitch Proposal and Community Connections Forms via email.
  • During the Connection Session, we’re going old school. You’ll have an assigned table to meet and greet interested audience members with some paper and pens. That’s pretty much it. Now, you’re more than welcome to bring other materials to share. And, you can even bring a laptop. But, we cannot guarantee access to a power outlet.

If you don’t have a specific project already identified that you would like to pitch; but, you have ideas, come on over! Let’s brainstorm together!

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email Shawn at

If you are in, then Register to Attend.

If you are interested in making a match but cannot attend then Contact Us.