There are three things we’ll be doing at #FRED19. We’ll…

1. Meet

We want to listen to and learn from those who are already working to make Fredericksburg a better place. We’ll be hosting an informal meet and greet in the morning. All are welcome to come and share their stories.

2. Eat

Join us for lunch. Seriously, there’s no better way to get to know one another than breaking bread together.

3. Make a Match

Participate in our Match for Good session. We’ll be facilitating community connections in the afternoon. If you are an educator or student, we’ll help connect you with community stakeholders in need of your skills and expertise. If you are a community stakeholder, we’ll help connect you with educators and students looking to make a local difference.

If you are in, then Register to Attend.

If you want to attend but feel you cannot because of a lack of transportation then Contact Us.