Welcome to FRED – A Social Good Summit.

FRED is a gathering of educators, students, and community stakeholders who are committed to building a changemaker ecosystem in Fredericksburg.

Yeah, we just threw some jargon at you. Sorry about that. So, let us define a couple of terms.

First, what is a changemaker?

Changemaker (n) – A term coined by the social entrepreneurship organization, Ashoka, meaning someone who is intentional about solving a social or environmental problem, motivated to act and creative.

And, what is a changemaker ecosystem?

Changemaker Ecosystem (n) – a network of educators, administrators, parents, local goverment officials, business leaders, community organizations and students working together to address complex issues with innovative solutions.

Now, let’s get back to FRED.

FRED is a joint project between IMAGINE Social Good and the University of Mary Washington’s Center for Community Engagement.

We have three goals:

1. Meet our neighbors.

We want to listen to and learn from those already working to make Fredericksburg a more just and livable place to live.

2. Learn about Fredericksburg over a light lunch.

What are Fredericksburg’s assets and resources? Needs and concerns?What are some high impact areas of social change?

3. Build partnerships among students, educators and community stakeholders.

With collaborative and committed coalitions, we can achieve significant and lasting social change.

If you are in, then Register to Attend.

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